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The College of American Pathologists (CAP), the leading organization of board-certified pathologists, serves patients, pathologists, and the public by fostering and advocating excellence in the practice of pathology and laboratory medicine worldwide.The CAP commissioned G2 Intelligence to support a focused analysis of emerging pathology practice models.The purpose is to define scenarios for the future of the specialty that will allow pathologists to adapt their business models to the changes that are already happening within diagnostic care and to ensure that they embrace and understand the dynamics associated with the likely elimination of the fee-for-service model that has been the cornerstone of the pathology business model to date.

This focused analysis has resulted into a report known as the Promising Practice Pathways™.

The pathways are “value-generating service models” that can be adopted on an adjunct basis at first, and then more fully implemented over time.

The four Promising Practice Pathways describe new pathologist-driven services and programs that add clinical value outside the laboratory, improving downstream clinical quality and outcomes and generating downstream clinical cost savings.

They span a broad range of clinical conditions and procedures, with some of the highest value opportunities in oncology and infectious disease.

Four Promising Practice Pathways:

Practice Pathway 1: High Performance Pathology for High Value Oncology

Services provided by the high performance oncology practice model focus on optimizing clinical decision making throughout the continuum of care—from initial diagnosis, through progression, to end-of-life care.

Practice Pathway 2: High Performance Diagnostic Services

In the high performance diagnostic services pathway model, the pathologist becomes part of pre- and post-laboratory clinical testing processes to decrease errors and introduce advancements that improve accuracy.

Practice Pathway 3: Coordinated Population Care Services

As a nexus for pathology and laboratory information across providers and a knowledge center of disease processes, pathology has the platform and purview from which to launch programs and services that establish our members as the coordinated population care management centers for tomorrow’s care organizations.

Practice Pathway 4: Patient Diagnostic Services Center

The Patient Diagnostic Services Center envisions an ambulatory, patient-oriented center providing efficient, convenient, high quality diagnostic testing services for either a range of conditions or a focused disease franchise.

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